USAID Full Innovation Programming and Design Toolkit  Toolkit

Hannah Ricks

Focus Areas:

Agriculture, Youth, Democracy, Human Rights, and Governanceand 15 MoreSEE MORE

Agriculture, Youth, Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance, Economic Growth and Trade, Education, Energy, Environment, Gender, Health, Housing and Infrastructure, Humanitarian Assistance, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Research, Communications and Media, Human Centered Design, Public-Private Partnerships, Scale and Social and Behavior ChangeSEE LESS


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United StatesSEE LESS

USAID Innovation Tool Kit Step 1 Identify and Define the Problem
USAID Innovation Toolkit Step 2: Secure Partners and Funding
USAID Innovation Toolkit Step 3: Develop the Strategy
USAID Innovation Toolkit Step 4: Design and Implement Strategy
USAID Innovation Toolkit Step 5: Manage Awards and Accelerate
USAID Innovation Toolkit Sep 6: Evaluate the Program
USAID Innovation Toolkit Innovation Platforms
USAID Innovation Communications Toolkit
USAID Innovation Prizes Toolkit
USAID Innovation Toolkit: After the Award, Acceleration and Scale
This toolkit and its 10 individual resources was designed to help you think through how you design a challenge or a prize from beginning to end, including elements like communications and evaluation. It also helps you think about what comes after the award and how to help ensure the innovations you support have the best possible chance to have lasting impact. This was written by teams of experts and program managers who actually design and executed numerous prizes, grand challenges, and ventures. See acknowledgements to appreciate all the people and leadership that went into making this kit. We welcome comments and suggestions!