Blog: The 10 Most Popular Funding Opportunities Featured on GIE in 2018  

Global Innovation Exchange

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In 2018,Global Innovation Exchange added 456 new funding opportunities across various sectors and geographies for global development innovations in low- and middle-income countries.This brought the total number of funding opportunities featured on Global Innovation Exchange to over 750, representing more than USD 500,000,000. In 2018 we showcased opportunities from more than 370 unique programs and organizations, with an average funding award size of $530,000.

See Which Opportunities Topped Our List in 2018

#10 Feed The Minds Grant (Status - Closed)

Offered By Feed The Minds

Award - €25,000

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#9 Development Innovation Ventures (DIV) (Status - Open)

Offered By U.S. Agency for International Development as Part ofU.S. Global Development Lab and Development Innovation Venture (DIV)

Award - $50,000 - $5,000,000

Perfect for innovations in low- & middle-income countries who are in proof of concept stage or later.

#8 WFP Innovation Accelerator (Status - Closed)

As part of WFP Innovation Accelerator

Award - Up to $100,000

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#7 UNICEF Innovation Fund (Status - Open)

Offered By United Nations Children's Fund as part of UNICEF Innovation

Award - Up to $100,000

Perfect For- Innovations in UNICEF program countries.

Offered By Savannah Fund

Award - $25,000 - $300,000

Perfect For - Innovations in Africa who are in the proof of concept stage.

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#5 Investor Circle (Status - Open)

Offered By Social Venture Circle

Award - $200,000 -$3,000,000

Perfect For - For profit social enterprises who have proven concepts.

#4 The Roddenberry Catalyst Fund (Status - Opening February 2019)

Offered By The Roddenberry Foundation

Award - $200,000 -$3,000,000

Perfect For -Innovations addressing urgent challenges via innovative and unconventional solutions.

Offered By Awesome Foundation

Award - Up to $1,000

Perfect For - Innovations looking for microgrants for a specific issue.

#2 Global Innovation Fund (Status - Open)

Offered By Global Innovation Fund

Award - Up to £15,000,000

Perfect For - Innovations addressing pressing issues for extremely poor populations.

As part of Expo 2020 Dubai UAE

Award - Up to $100,000

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