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As of July 25, 2019 there are 11,240 innovations on GIE. How do you know which innovations are good? How can you easily filter innovations that might be promising? We've launched a new feature to help with just that!

Now, with the click of just one button, you can see innovations that have at least 1 Verified Milestone (see this in action below!). These Verified Milestones are crowdsourced due diligence from our Data Championsshowcasing their validation and support of specific innovations.

Currently, “Funds Raised” and “Recognition” Milestones can be marked as "Verified" on GIE.

  1. Funds Raised is a transaction between a funder and an innovation on a set date for a set amount.
  2. Recognitions can be non-financial support (e.g. Part of Incubator Cohort) or acknowledgment (e.g. Featured Innovator at a high profile event).

You can see the exact support the organization has provided to the innovation on that innovation's Milestones sections. Pictured below is a Verified Funds Raised Milestone for Be Girl from June 2018 (of $187,500) from Grand Challenges Canada as part of ‘Transition to Scale’.

See this new feature in action here:

GIE Filters In Action

Browse Verified Innovations on GIE