Product Update: Fresh Look & New Information for Innovations on GIE   

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First, what are innovation profiles and how should they be used?

There are close to 10,000 innovations on Global Innovation Exchange. Each innovation profile on GIE serve as a “digital pitch deck” with basic information and key achievements about that innovation. They are owned and managed by the social entrepreneurs behind the innovation. Plus, our team works with partners to mark some information as “Verified” to help surface up the most promising and validated innovations in the ecosystem.

  1. For those with an innovation: Add your innovation (or update an existing one) with accurate, up-to-date and realistic information about your innovation so you can have the best chance at attracting the “right fit” funders and partners. See this blog with 5 tips on how you can improve your innovation profile today.
  2. For those researching innovations: Search through GIE’s database of close to 10,000 innovations by where they are implemented, sectors they are working in or stage. You can also limit your search to innovations that have at least one verified funder by using the Funded By filter and selecting “Show Verified Funding Only”. Want us to research and suggest innovations? Email us today to discuss our Innovation Finder Service.

What’s new with Innovation Profiles on GIE?

We’ve revamped our innovation profiles and forms to make it easier and user-friendly for: (i) social entrepreneurs to manage their innovation and, (ii) funders or scaling partners to research innovations.

Here’s a list of some of the changes we’ve made:

  1. New section: The Team Behind the Innovation - Funders and scaling partners looking at innovations on GIE told us they want to know who is working on the innovation so we’ve added a new section about it. It includes a team description to demonstrate why the current team is the right team for this innovation including expertise, skills, background, lived experiences and more. Plus, indicators for if the executive team has women and/or youth members.
  2. Hints, Tips & More Help -We’ve added hints and tips throughout the innovation form to guide social entrepreneurs every step of the way. Plus, this new Help center addresses FAQs and provides additional information, examples, and tips.
  3. New Fields: Registration, logo and more -Several new fields have been added (or existing ones replaced) throughout innovation pages. For example, we’ve now added registration country and type to the innovation pages (edit it from Settings).

Login/Sign upto start working on your innovation. If you already manage an innovation, you can find it under your account settings on the top right.