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We love sharing stories on how partners, ecosystem supporters, funders, and innovators around the world are using Global Innovation Exchange to carry out their own missions. One such example is Response Innovation Lab - Since 2016, Response Innovation Lab (RIL) has supported innovation on-the-ground in humanitarian contexts, adding real-time problem solving to large-scale humanitarian challenges. The RIL is a consortium between three of the largest humanitarian organizations in the world (Oxfam, Save the Children, World Vision) together with Civic and the George Washington University. In every lab, RIL convenes representatives from the private sector, the innovation sector, government, and the humanitarian sector to innovate more effectively in the field together. Through GIE Response Innovation Lab has been able to more efficiently and confidently landscape ecosystems, challenges, and find innovations, or as they describe it...

“Once a Lab has been established in country, we use GIE to help us to scope and research the new location we will be operating in. Our team on the ground look to GIE to see what innovators are already active in the country and to look for funding opportunities within humanitarian innovation. When we launched the online Matchmaker platform, we started using GIE to support our work in matching humanitarian challenges in the field with tested solutions. Now with the number of applications to the Matchmaker growing, GIE is still one of the first places we go to find innovations.”

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