Blog: Meet the Innovation Actors Who Make GIE Thrive  

Global Innovation Exchange

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As the largest searchable database of development innovations (over 13,500) and funding (1.3 Billion USD), GIE has significantly grown. We strive to support the scaling of the most promising innovations by providing data, analysis, connectivity and tools for all actors in the development innovation ecosystem.

Learn more about how GIE benefits many different actors in the innovation ecosystem.

Those designing the innovations to address development challenges

(Icons: Business ideas by I Putu Kharismayadi from the Noun Project | University by Nhor from the Noun Project)

There are over 13,000 innovation profiles on GIE and we’re continuing to see rapid growth! That’s why we’re working nonstop to source the best funding opportunities that are out there for each of our members. To date, we have sourced more than $1.3 Billion USD in opportunities. And 70% of you told us that you discovered at least one new funding opportunity.

Those funding, developing and de-risking innovations for scale

(Icons: International Client by Jemis mali from the Noun Project | Incubator by lastspark from the Noun Project)

Through our Data Champion program, 50+ programs officially verified their support for more than 5,500 innovations on GIE — further strengthening the innovation ecosystem at large by providing innovators and social entrepreneurs on GIE with strategic “next life” opportunities.

Those facilitating the uptake of innovations within current policy/practice

(Icons: Commission Agent by Becris from the Noun Project | team by RROOK from the Noun Project | Capitol by Karla Design from the Noun Project )

The 13,500+ innovations on GIE are being exposed to new opportunities for uptake and use to address various global development challenges. As an example, you can explore this curated list of transfer-ready food security solutions.

Thanks to each and every one of you:

By collaborating with global development innovation actors from around the world, we’re able to provide open access to trends and insights about global innovation, from 13 sectors and 137+ low-and-middle-income countries (LMICs).

In 2019, we were proud to publish our second Global Development Landscape report.