Blog: 5 Tips to Help Innovation Profiles Stand Out   

Global Innovation Exchange

Prospective funders and partners directly or with our support use the thousands of innovation pages on GIE to research and source new innovations. We will also be sending automatic email alerts about funding based on information on innovation pages. To make the most of these initiatives, it is pivotal to have an up-to-date and accurate innovation profile that shares both the key details and successes or achievements of the innovation. Below are 5 tips from our team after having reviewed nearly every innovation profile on our platform as well as partnering with funders and others on initiatives to help them with their innovation research using these innovation profiles.

#1 Start With: First two fields to get right

The first two things anyone will look at are your innovation’s Focus Areas and New Country Implemented In. These help quickly see if your innovation is a good fit for their strategic priorities. For Focus Areas, be specific in the Top 3 with sub-sectors and topics (versus broad sectors like Health or Education which don’t provide sufficient context about your innovation). For New Country Implemented In, add every country that your innovation is already up and running in.

#2 The most commonly incorrect field goes to: Stage

After Focus Areas and Countries, Stage is the most common innovation fact that is used by funders and partners to find the right fit innovations. It’s also the field that is often incorrectly filled in. Don’t miss out on No matter what stage you are, read this blog to make sure you’re selecting the right stage on GIE to increase your chances of getting in front of the right partners.

#3 Basics: What’s this innovation?

Once someone sees that your innovation’s focus areas, countries and stage align with their priorities, they will skim the profile to better understand what your innovation is about. We recommend sprucing up the following fields to get your message across clearly and stand out: One Liner, Problem, Solution, Innovation Description and Competitive Advantage.

#4 Must-Add: Milestones

Milestones help demonstrate your innovation’s achievements and validate your innovation’s progress, including the stage you selected. Without up-to-date milestones, anyone viewing your innovation profile will not have a tangible way of seeing your innovation’s successes. Read this article on why and which milestones to add.

#5 Hello, is anyone there?

If you’ve done 1-4 right, there could be prospective partners interested in your innovation. Make it easy for them to learn more about your innovation and connect with you. Add your innovation URL, social media pages and select your point of contact.

What are you waiting for?Login/Sign upto start working on your innovation. If you already manage an innovation, you can find it under your your account settings on the top right.