Blog: 10 Most Popular Funding Opportunities Featured on GIE in 2019  

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In 2019, Global Innovation Exchange added 1,081 new funding opportunities across various sectors and geographies for global development innovations in developing countries. This brought the total number of funding opportunities featured o GIE to 1,830 for a cumulative more than USD 1.3 billion.

Throughout the year, close to 70% of those who browsed these opportunities said they found at least one new opportunity that was a good fit for their innovations. But which opportunities were the most popular?

See Which Opportunities Topped the List in 2019

Offered By Awesome Foundation
Award - Up to $1,000
Perfect For - Innovations looking for microgrants for a specific issue.

#9 Inclusive Health Access Prize (Status - Closed)

Offered By U.S. Agency for International Development
Award - $25,000
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Offered By Fondation SUEZ
Award - Grant amount unknown
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#7 African Agriculture Fund(Status - Closed)

Offered By Phatisa
Award - $5M - 24M
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#6 The Catalyst Fund (Status - Open)

Offered By The Roddenberry Foundation
Award - $2,500-$15,000
Perfect For - Anyone with a good idea from a seasoned social entrepreneur or a first-time changemaker.

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#5 Investor Circle (Status - Closed)

Offered By Social Venture Circle
Award - $200,000 -$3,000,000
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#4 Resilient, Inclusive, & Sustainable Environments (RISE)(Status - Open)

Offered By U.S. Agency for International Development
Award - $100,000 - $300,000
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As part of Expo 2020 Dubai UAE
Award - Up to $100,000
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Offered By Gray Matters Capital
Award - Up to $250,000
Perfect For - Early-stage social enterprises that are creating more inclusive and prosperous futures for women and girls around the world

#1 Global Innovation Fund(Status - Open)

Offered By Global Innovation Fund
Award - Up to £15,000,000
Perfect For - Innovations addressing pressing issues for extremely poor populations.

None of these a match? Don't worry we have hundreds of other opportunities available on GIE waiting for you to apply.

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