Updated Jun 29, 2018

WFP Innovation Accelerator  FUNDING INITIATIVE


About WFP Innovation Accelerator

WFP's Innovation Accelerator identifies, nurtures and scales bold solutions to hunger globally. We support WFP innovators and external start-ups and companies through financial support, access to a network of experts and a global field reach.

The Accelerator believes the way forward in the fight against hunger is not necessarily in building grand plans, but identifying and testing solutions in an agile way. It is a space where the world can find out what works and what doesn’t in addressing hunger - a place where we can be bold, and fail as well as succeed.

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Feb 2019
Synergerzing for Economic Development (SED)
  1. FOCUS AREASAquaculture, Food Safety and Standards and Economic Empowerment
  1. RecognitionPENDING
  2. Was recognized as "Applicant" by World Food Programme as part of WFP Innovation Accelerator