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This Philippine Investment Preparedness Lab is a 5-day accelerator designed to help Philippines-based ventures understand the fundraising process and become ready to take on investment. Our ultimate goal is to get more funding flowing to Philippine ventures.

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Fundraising can be a hard, confusing, and long process. How much money should I raise? What type of capital? Whom do I talk to and how do I build relationships with funders? What should I do in an investor meeting? How to I get the money into our bank account so I can get back to building my business? Having an answer to these questions often translates into successfully closing a round of funding. But the reality is that only a handful of entrepreneurs have a clear understanding of the process (and how long it takes) before they start fundraising. They get lost and without direction, they do not take the lead and closing a round becomes painful and time consuming.


The Investment Preparedness Lab is designed to do one thing: help entrepreneurs be more prepared to raise funding. Entrepreneurs will:

  • Understand the steps of the investment process and what is needed to be prepared at each step.
  • Diagnose where a venture is in preparedness for those steps, build a full plan for how to get ready, and actively work to get more prepared.
  • Meet with actual funders to get feedback and practice building investor interest.