Stars in Global Health

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Grand Challenges Canada, which is funded by the Government of Canada, has developed the Stars in Global Health program to support Bold Ideas with Big Impact from the best and brightest talent, both in low- and middle-income countries and in Canada, to use scientific/technical, social and business innovation to address some of the most pressing global health challenges.

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Program Status Update

In the Round 7 Request for Proposals, Grand Challenges Canada seeks bold ideas aligned with innovative social entrepreneurial approaches that could be easily implemented in developing countries to save and improve lives. These bold ideas could come from non-profit organizations and for-profit organizations, as well as other recognized institutions. The ideas may encompass development/ deployment of products and/or services in any spectrum of global health, including drug discovery, vaccine development, diagnostics, health and medical education, maternal and child health, non-communicable diseases (including cancer and mental health), health-related water and sanitation, and health-related agriculture and nutrition.

The focus of this call is not on the organization itself, but on the concept of social entrepreneurship in the proposal. The concept must be novel, bold, innovative, transformational and ‘outside-the-box’. Existing social entrepreneurial ideas are welcomed so long as there is a clear innovative (novel) component being introduced.