Play to Learn

Play to Learn

Play to Learn is an afterschool
enrichment programme for children
aged 10-13 in under-performing schools.
We combine coding and game design
to address and inspire solutions to
environmental and social issues.

At a Glance

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Budget: $10,000

Program Status Update

After completing 2 successful pilot projects, Learning
Innovation Design Lab has assisted in the development
of a Step by Step Toolkit enabling the facilitation of an
innovative 8 week afterschool program.


The world of technology is growing at a rapid pace, but most schools
don’t have the resources to keep up. We believe youth should be empowered by
learning coding and design skills at an early age.


• Revised Curriculum
• Trained Teacher & Facilitators at under performing schools
• Research report on using technology and games for innovative learning
• Detailed performance metrics of our program