PeaceTech Exchanges

PeaceTech Exchanges

PeaceTech Exchanges are workshops organized by the PeaceTech Lab to empower peacebuilders in conflict zones with low-cost, easy to use technology.

These highly interactive conferences bring peacebuilders together with local and international technology for social good experts. Over the course of two days, participants learn about a broad array of tools to enhance their work and receive personal training for technologies they believe will assist them in their work. By the end of each event, attendees have formed teams with like-minded civil society organizations to tackle projects together, incorporating technology learned at the PTX into their work. PTXs also foster project design - guiding participants in how to define their problems, developing solutions, and creating projects that implement technologies learned at the workshop.

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A key feature of PeaceTech Exchange is helping projects conceived during the workshops get off the ground through through a series of micro-awards, selected through a process that supports well-thought out proposals for sustainable projects. Among the projects PTXs have supported are the creation of crowdmaps to track violence against journalists (an initiative in partnership with the Iraq Foundation and ICFJ), websites that host the stories of citizen journalists within communities of internally displaced people, and initiatives that track legislation and activities of local government. Through supporting peacebuilders on the ground, the PTX program has an impact long beyond the workshop event.