The Women Worldwide Initiative

The Women Worldwide Initiative

The Women Worldwide Initiative (TWWI) has the mission to empower women and girls to strengthen their own capacities as decision-makers. TWWI's mentorship programs and small-scale international development projects are dedicated to poverty eradication through youth development, and social and economic empowerment of women and girls in low-income communities in New York City and developing countries. We envision a global community of women and girls who believe in their self-worth, are informed and smart decision-makers, and are motivated to be leaders and change-makers in their own lives and communities.

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The Women Worldwide Initiative, c/o Subud Chelsea Center, 230 West 29th Street, New York, NY 10001

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Area of Focus

TWWI's flagship program, Young Women Rock!, is a curriculum based, group, and one-on-one mentorship program dedicated to strengthening the lives and communities of adolescent girls of color in impoverished neighborhoods in the U.S. The program mission is to empower girls through mentorship, building their self-confidence and challenging them to discover and fulfill their potential. By operating in communities where little to no leadership programs exist for girls and by speaking to young women living in poverty during their formative years about issues of self-worth, health, goals and aspirations, the program is able to have the highest impact in interrupting the poverty cycle. The philosophy behind the program curriculum is to empower young women by having them think critically about themselves, their identity and their goals, while breaking down negative messages fed to them by society and the media. 

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