Water4 exists to transform communities by putting a sustainable solution in the hands of local men and women. We train entrepreneurs to drill their own water wells and install their own hand pumps. As a result, these teams have not only a vocation and a means to provide for themselves and their families, but also the tools and skills to bring access to safe drinking water to their communities.


1.     Promote dignity and entrepreneurship by providing men the opportunity to work

2.     Offer women options and the freedom to hope and nurture their children

3.     Give children their health and an opportunity for education

4.     Provide universal access to clean water through local sustainable solutions

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  • International non-governmental organization (INGO)


2405 N.W. 10th Street Oklahoma City, OK 73107

T : 405-408-4589
E : zackmccullock@water4.org

Organization Mission


Water4 empowers self-supply and sufficiency for communities desiring greater independence and less reliance on outside aid. Water4 uses a business-minded approach to deliver sustainable water solutions. Water4 trains local entrepreneurs to operate water well drilling businesses that provide affordable water services to communities.

As the demand for universal access to water increases and rural communities contribute to the sustainability of water, Water4 responds to the growth by establishing in-country manufacturing facilities that create additional industrial jobs, strengthen supply chains and offer other water-related services and products.

The Water4 model was birthed at the grassroots level and continues to provide a rich environment for the research, development and refinement of breakthroughs in appropriate technology, techniquies, methodologies and culturally-accepted advancements. With insights and knowledge gleaned from the grassroots, Water4 has developed full-scale initiatives with key strategic partners with complementing core competencies.

Water4 believes the key to creating true economic wealth is achieved when sustainable universal access to water comes through self-supply and sufficiency at the community level.

When affordable and reliable solutions are implemented by the people themselves, we will see the end of the water crisis.

Area of Focus

Water, economic development, entrepreneurship, WASH, international trade and development, community development, skills training, microfinance

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