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The Water Market Solution

The Water Market provides an easy to use and reliable platform for water vendors and customers to connect. From customers’ point of view, The Water Market provides easy access to information about vendors in their area, allows them to add their preferred vendor to the database, and provides user reviews about vendors throughout the city. From vendors’ point of view, The Water Market provides an easy way to reach new customers and advertise product sales.

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The Water Market
Flat #A-2, Sumitra Apartments,
Plot # 1225, 21st Cross 4th Main,
Sector - 7, HSR Layout,
Bangalore - 560102.
Karnataka, India.

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Organization Mission


The Water Market’s mission is to make access to clean and safe drinking water easier and more affordable for households and business across India.


Our vision is for every household and business to be 100% satisfied with their drinking water vendor.

Area of Focus

BackgroundMost Indian Metropolitan Cities have enjoyed significant economic growth over the past decade. New residential areas have been developed in the outskirts of big cities, but government agencies and public services are slow to keep up with infrastructure needs of these new developments, such as access to drinking water. Regardless of infrastructure, most of the running tap water in Indian cities is not suitable for drinking, due to cross-contamination of water mains from sewerage pipes, low quality water pipes, or contamination of the water source.

Therefore, most Indian households and businesses have had to find their own solutions for drinking water. While some have opted for an at-home or at-work water purification system, most depend on small local vendors to supply potable water in 20 litre plastic cans.

Market Research

Recent research study undertaken by a University of California Berkeley graduate student in the Masters of Development Practice program, and funded by the US Agency for International Development and Chevron Corporation, concluded the following:

There currently exists no easy way for consumers to ensure that the water cans they purchase come from safe and hygienic bottling plants
Consumers who are not satisfied with their current water vendors lack ways to find better and more reliable vendors in their area
Households and businesses cannot be certain that the price they are being charged is fair and consistent across their vendors’ customer base
Water vendors lack ways to market their services to new customers