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Vista Ventures Social Impact Fund focuses on social entrepreneurs in developing countries and the infrastructure that supports them.  Through our work with entrepreneurs and investors, we have seen the successes that can be brought by the combination of entrepreneurial drive, market needs and investor capital.  We endeavor to apply those same resources to social entrepreneurs who provide goods and services that help to alleviate poverty or improve the environment in developing countries.

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Organization Mission

Vista Ventures Social Impact Fund is incorporated in the State of California to “provide education and financial support to early stage impact-focused businesses and social enterprises that address problems of an economic, social or environmental nature…”

The organization was founded by Bill Harrington who has almost thirty years of experience in business development including work in Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Bosnia, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Kenya, Mexico, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, the Philippines and Tanzania.

Mr. Harrington has provided advice and consulting services to numerous start-up and early stage companies, particularly in commercialization of renewable energy technologies.  He has consulted widely and provided training programs on capital attraction and governance as well as other topics in microfinance.  He has evaluated investment candidates and negotiated terms with microfinance institutions and operating companies.  He has authored and published papers on valuation, business planning and the role of foreign investment in microfinance.  He is an investor in social impact companies with a focus on India, Africa, and Central America as well as innovative technologies in the US.

Area of Focus

Vista Ventures® services often include advice and training for entrepreneurs regarding the expectations and requirements of various types of investors as they plan their capital attraction strategies.  In some cases, we provide preliminary help with business planning, board strengthening, and marketing and distribution strategy as a means of increasing the likelihood of successfully raising capital.  We help entrepreneurs to understand issues in valuation and to negotiate the terms of the investment.

For impact investors, we help to sharpen their focus on regions and industries in order to develop realistic expectations of risk and return as well as social impact.  We undertake the due diligence on the investment opportunity or certain aspects of the due diligence process and make specific recommendations regarding terms including those that help to protect the investment during the key early years.

For business development organizations such as accelerators, Vista Ventures® services may include evaluation of the feasibility of an existing or planned business development activity.  In the case of existing activities, we are often asked to make recommendations to remedy persistent operational problems where an experienced outside point of view is desired.