University of Chicago International Innovation Corps

University of Chicago International Innovation Corps

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Sending top talent to work with the Govermnent of India

India, the world's largest democracy, has enormous potential and drive, but faces immense development hurdles. India’s public sector strives to overcome these hurdles, seeking ambitious, groundbreaking ideas that the government can implement at scale.

An incredible opportunity exists to create social impact interventions that really make a difference, and graduates from top universities – in India and the United States – are passionate about doing exactly this kind of work.

That's why the IIC, a program based at the University of Chicgo Harris School of Public Policy, sends top talent to work with government organizations in India on 13-month fellowships that implement innovative solutions to important development problems.

How it works

The IIC recruits top-performing graduates of leading Indian universities and the University of Chicago and organizes them into teams of up to 5 fellows. Fellows train for 5 weeks in skills required to translate their academic and professional knowledge into on-the-ground contributions. The IIC embeds each team within a government office in India to work on an innovative development project with a discrete, tractable scope for a period of 13 months. The IIC provides light-touch managers and mentors to help teams of fellows achieve their projects’ goals.

A Unique Model:
The IIC's distinct model leverages top global talent and the resources of the Indian government in a new way. This model has three defining features:

  • IIC fellows work in teams to foster entrepreneurial collaboration.
  • IIC teams work directly with the government, to ensure projects address India's priorities.
  • IIC projects create scalable solutions, in order to maximize impact.

How it started

The IIC was founded in 2013 by Anup Malani, a UChicago law professor and economist; Sanjay Bhargava, a successful entrepreneur and Paypal founding member; and Phoebe Holtzman, an alumna of the UChicago College. The IIC was developed at UChicago and launched its inaugural cohort of fellows in June 2014.

The IIC Grows:
The IIC was founded to instigate a culture of innovative problem-solving problems within the Indian government and building the next generation of global leaders. In the coming years, the IIC aims to grow in India and expand to other countries around the world.

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