Updated Feb 13, 2018

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About Unitus

Our Mission

To reduce global poverty through economic self-empowerment

Our Belief

We believe in the inherent value of every global citizen and that each individual has the potential and power to change their world for the better, given the opportunity. That’s why we focus on economic self-empowerment.

The Need and The Opportunity

The good news is that there are hundreds of millions of fewer people living in absolute poverty than there were only 20 years ago. The bad news is there are still nearly 1 billion people living on less than $1.25 a day.

And about another 1 billion people live on less than $2 per day … mostly in these same countries.

The fact is that hundreds of millions of people don’t earn enough income to meet their basic needs, let alone their aspirations. Economic self-empowerment provides the opportunity for increased economic stability, better healthcare and housing, the opportunity for education, and ultimately, the real possibility of self-sufficiency.

We focus on getting more money into the pockets of the poor through their own efforts … which then empowers them to make choices on how to improve their lives.

Our Strategic Framework

Unitus approaches poverty alleviation opportunities with a strategic framework:

Innovate: Seek out an innovative contribution
Invest: Function as an investor and supporter, not an operator
Scale: Pursue opportunities with potential for impacting millions of working poor families
Take Risk: Take risk to prove efficacy of our methods and linkages so that others will follow in our tracks
Catalyze: Attract capital markets to areas where the market doesn’t exist or is broken
Exit:  Exit from donor funded activities when we perceive we’ve reached (or won’t reach) a tipping point

Our Tactics

Unitus accelerates the development and adoption of innovative, market-based solutions to global poverty through the following principles:

Identify significant opportunities that reduce global poverty and draw upon Unitus’ strengths to make a unique contribution and impact on the lives of millions
Set ambitious multi-year goal(s)
Setup the optimal structure for each effort and recruit strong teams to lead execution
Raise, deploy and mobilize philanthropic and investment capital to fulfill Unitus’ goals
Effectively measure and evaluate social impact and success, and pursue new opportunities once our catalytic role has been fulfilled and an underlying infrastructure has been established
Where We Work
Asia and Pacific
Europe and Eurasia
Latin America / Caribbean
North America
Middle East and North Africa
Focus Areas
Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance
Economic Growth and Trade
Housing and Infrastructure
Humanitarian Assistance
Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)