Updated Apr 23, 2020

UNHCR  Multilateral Entity

Dec 2019
  1. FOCUS AREASEducation, Refugees and Economic Empowerment
  1. In the News
  2. Has been mentioned in the news ‘Hello Soho, this is Erbil calling’: Bringing refugee stories into the classroom by UNHCR
Dec 2018
We Love Reading
  1. FOCUS AREASEntrepreneurship, Refugees and Social and Behavior Change
  2. IMPLEMENTED INLebanon, Palestinian Territories, Turkey, Tunisia, Greece, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Bangladesh, Algeria, United States, Oman, Morocco, Mexico, Malaysia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Uganda, Hong Kong, Ethiopia, Congo, Democratic Republic of the, Canada, Bolivia, Argentina, France, Sudan, Australia, Kenya, United Kingdom, Sweden, Costa Rica, Qatar, Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, Cyprus, Mali, Central African Republic, Indonesia, Norway, Macedonia, Vietnam, Syria, Sierra Leone, Iran, Denmark, Panama, India, Italy and Ghana
  1. In the News
  2. Has been mentioned in the news Ethiopia: We Love Reading by UNHCR
Dec 2018
Social Innovation Academy (SINA)
  1. FOCUS AREASEducation, Youth and Entrepreneurship
  2. IMPLEMENTED INUganda, Congo, Democratic Republic of the and Zimbabwe
  1. RecognitionPENDING
  2. Was recognized as "UNHCR NGO Innovation Award" by UNHCR
Mar 2018
iACT's Little Ripples
  1. FOCUS AREASRefugees, Emotional Development and Child Protection
  2. IMPLEMENTED INChad, Tanzania and Cameroon
  1. RecognitionPENDING
  2. Was recognized as "Promising Practices in Refugee Education" by Pearson, Save the Children and UNHCR
Nov 2017
Write Our World
  1. FOCUS AREASEducation, Youth and Technology
  2. IMPLEMENTED INUnited States, Guatemala, Brazil, Cambodia, Kenya, Mongolia and Ecuador
  1. RecognitionPENDING
  2. Was recognized as "Protect Urban Refugee Children: Innovation Challenge" by UNHCR
Feedback, Referral and Resolution Mechanism (FRRM)
  1. FOCUS AREASHealth and Refugees
  1. Incubator
  2. Was incubated within UNHCR