TroFaCo offers effective, easy to see and immediately sensible action that contributes towards solving two key global challenges: Climate Change and Rural Development in developing countries.

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Tropical Farmer Connect
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Organization Mission

TroFaCo works with organised farmers in tropical countries, which ensures that the benefits go to local communities. Communities can use trees and they supply the kinds of trees the communities want. TroFaCo sells the climate mitigation and builds trust with customers through direct, inexpensive, credible reporting on a homepage, with geo-referenced pictures. Direct contacts to communities and their innovative reporting ensure low costs and provide sustainability.

Tree planting benefits the environment and when local persons and societies gain development benefits from the tree planting improvements becomes longer-term lasting.

Area of Focus

  • TroFaCo’s climate action has a defined positive impact on the global climate change.
  • TroFaCo has positive socio-economic impact in the rural areas where TroFaCo plants its trees.
  • A substantial part (25-30%) of TroFaCo’s carbon revenue is allocated to the local people in the area where the trees grow.
  • The communites get the trees for free, and enjoy co-benefits, such as fruits, medicinal properties, protection of roads and canals, etc.
  • The main part of TroFaCo’s income will be reinvested into an expansion of TroFaCo group of producer countries, thus ensuring that the above-mentioned positive impacts will be transferred to other rural areas, vulnerable to climate change.