Tra Vinh Univeristy

Tra Vinh Univeristy

Tra Vinh University (TVU), formerly Tra Vinh Community College was formed in 2001 under Vietnam and Canada Community College Project.  TVU is a public university with the missions to contribute to cultural and socio-economic developments of Tra Vinh province and the Mekong River Delta (MRD).   Tra Vinh Univeristy has developed a reputation for proactive and progressive academic research, and nurtures very strong bonds  with local communities to disseminate innovative technical information. 

Within ten years of its formation and development, the student population increases from two hundreds in July 2002 to twenty thousands currently. TVU offers university and post-graduate courses, short courses and educational services to people at all ages, particularly women, ethnic minorities and communities. The university establishes close relationships to businesses and investors and serve as the main technical information centers for the Tra Vinh rural communities.  

In 2013, TVU is awarded the third level national medal of honor for the outreach work to improve the livelihoods of Khmer minority in the MRD.

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Tra Vinh University, Vietnam
No. 126 National Road 53, Ward 5, Tra Vinh city, Tra Vinh Province 
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Organization Mission

Motto of the Univeristy:“Bringing quality education to the community”.   With this motto, TVU has designed, developed and conducted its training programs, courses suitable for education demands of the MRD. 

Area of Focus

Tra Vinh province is considered as one of the six coastal provinces of the Mekong River Delta (MRD) which shoulders the most severe impacts of the climate change. Areas of focus on the MRD :

  • Established "Center for Climate Change Adaptation Research and Community Development Support" in  May 2015 to:
    • target research on climate change adaptation in TraVinh province and surrounding areas. 
    • Organize scientific researches, deploy application and transmit technology for training,
      production and business objectives for organizations and individual in and out of TraVinh
  • Conducted specific researches on identifying the impact of saline water intrusion caused by the climate change on aquaculture and agriculture production in the province. 
  • Cultivated new salt-tolerant species and more efficient irrigation techniques based on world-wide research to develop a sustainable production. 
  • Helped MRD farmers to utilize the right kind of fertilizers and the efficient water usage for crops.
  • Studied and developed plans to alleviate the impacts of climate changes on the livelihoods of farmers switching between rice & shrimp cultivation.  
  • Conducted pollution and hydro-dynamic modelling to support land use planning and land use policy, and climate change impact on sustainable agri-aquaculture development. 

TVU also collaborates with the Mekong River Commission (2013) and SEAT (Sustainable Ethical Aquaculture Trade with EU countries) (2009-2013). 

Areas of Expertise

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