Updated Jul 09, 2020

Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı Community Volunteers Foundation  Funding

Community Volunteer youth, In line with the principles of Respect for Differences, Transparency and Accountability, Local Participation, Teamwork, Lifelong Learning and Entrepreneurship; It carries out social responsibility projects under the leadership of young people and under the guidance of adults.

About TOG

Community Volunteers Foundation is to ensure social peace and to create areas where young people can learn from each other # YouthPowerProducts projects to be proud of. Activities such as workshops, dance services, nature camps, participation in international mobility projects are carried out at TOG Youth Centers, from dance to photography, from music to English. TOG also provides content support to local administrations and non-governmental organizations that wish to establish a youth center within the "Youth Centers Program", conducts exchange programs between youth centers and supports local youth organizations.
TOG aims to reach social peace by creating social change with the contributions of young, self-confident, entrepreneurial and sensitive Community Volunteers who can find solutions to the surrounding problems.
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