These Hands Social Enterprise

These Hands Social Enterprise

These Hands is a company that finds innovative technology-based solutions for promoting sustainable development, encouraging entrepreneurship and combating poverty in rural communities in developing countries. To this end, we will operate a social network (which can be used on a mobile phone without internet) that will connect those in rural communities with business and development experts. Our social network will allow rural communities to communicate and collaborate with development practitioners serving their communities. In addition, it will provide a place where entrepreneurs in these communities can find the support that they need to succeed. We hope that our social network will produce better development outcomes and will empower entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and provide meaningful employment opportunities to their communities.

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First Steps Venture Center
Unit 5, Riverwalk Annex
Riverwalk, Gaborone
Private Bag 00265, Gaborone


Organization Mission

Many developing countries in Africa and Asia have low levels of internet usage, often times resulting from a lack of internet infrastructure. However, in places where the internet is available it is often prohibitively expensive for the average person to use. Unfortunately, this has led to a “digital divide” that has left these developing countries disconnected from the rest of the world. This has been particularly true for rural communities in developing countries who have the lowest rates of internet usage. The digital divide creates many problems for these communities as it keeps them underdeveloped. Many of these communities wish to lead their own development projects. However, their lack of connectivity leaves them unable to engage with development experts to obtain technical and financial assistance for their projects. This lack of connectivity can also thwart attempts at entrepreneurship, which can greatly reduce poverty.

These Hands is a social enterprise that aims to empower people in marginalized communities to start their own development and entrepreneurial activities. Our plan is to create a social network (which does not require internet access) that supports community-led development in impoverished countries. This social network will serve economically marginalized communities and allow them to obtain business services and international development consulting services from experts, youth and students in our global network that are also seeking meaningful work.  In addition, our platform will provide them with an avenue to seek funding, mentorship, and other support for their development and entrepreneurial initiatives. Our platform will allow those who do not have internet access to network with those who can provide them the support necessary to start their own development projects. We believe that access to these networks and services will help these communities to overcome the digital divide.

Areas of Expertise

Suggest/provide funding and resources, Help create a proto-type, Test an innovation and provide feedback, Evaluate/Review your innovation, Give business planning and strategy advice, Grant/Proposal Writing