Updated May 17, 2018

Synergos  Implementer


About Synergos

Synergos is a global nonprofit organization that helps solve complex problems of poverty and inequality by creating and promoting collaborative partnerships among business, government, civil society, and marginalized communities.

Systemic change requires collaboration. Solutions to poverty are often built in silos – and therefore fail. Governments, civil society, nongovernmental organizations, corporations, marginalized communities, and other participants in systemic change must work together – not in silos – to achieve long-term solutions to poverty around the world.

Synergos creates collaborative partnerships to combat poverty. Synergos convenes all parties involved in addressing a particular issue of poverty. We align partners under their common goal and facilitate work between groups with often disparate viewpoints and interests. And we help those we work with to generate, test and implement ideas that lead to sustainable and systemic change.

Over the course of more than 25 years, Synergos has supported innovative initiatives in more than 30 countries and regions.
Where We Work
Asia and Pacific
Europe and Eurasia
Latin America / Caribbean
North America
Middle East and North Africa
Focus Areas
Public-Private Partnerships
Social Impact Investing
Systems Change