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Social Finance, Inc.
77 Summer Street
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Organization Mission

Our Mission

Founded in January 2011, Social Finance US is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is dedicated to mobilizing investment capital to drive social progress.  We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive, and that social impact financing can play a catalytic role in creating these opportunities.

We are dedicated to designing public-private-nonprofit partnerships that tackle complex social challenges such as poverty, crime, education, health, and workforce success. As market intermediaries, we structure these partnerships by aligning the unique interest of all stakeholders – service recipients and providers, government and investors – to create innovative social financing solutions. This work reflects our commitment to driving social progress through a market-based approach, as well as our deep experience in the governmental, capital markets, social services, and philanthropy sectors.

Core to our work is the development of Pay for Success (PFS) financing, also referred to as Social Impact Bonds (SIBs), which is an innovative funding model that drives government resources toward social programs that deliver proven results to those in need. Pay for Success helps to measurably improve the lives of people in need by driving government resources toward better, more effective programs.

Our Values

We at Social Finance are committed to ensuring that all of our work rests on four pillars: people, performance, collaboration, and integrity.

People: People are our mission and our inspiration; we are committed to our team, our partners, and the individuals we serve.
Performance: Our work demands rigorous thought, inquiry, and analysis; we pride ourselves on the depth and quality of our endeavors.
Collaboration: We build strong, enduring relationships across sectors to align diverse interests and advance our collective mission. 
Integrity: The highest standards of accountability and transparency underpin all of our work.