Small-Scale Sustainable Infrastructure Development Fund (S3IDF)

Small-Scale Sustainable Infrastructure Development Fund (S3IDF)

S3IDF is an international development organizaton that builds inclusive market systems to promote equitable economic and social development. Our work positively impacts poor and underserved communities, strengthens local economies, and contributes to changes in mindsets and processes within international development systems.

In our projects and programs, we support entrepreneurs to run businesses that generate income while also providing their communities with basic services and employment opportunities. We take a "systems-level" approach to mobilize local bank financing, increase technology options, and deliver direct business support.

Through our advisory services, we build the knowledge and capacity of public and private entities to create and implement inclusive business models and development strategies.

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Organization Mission

S3IDF uses its Social Merchant Bank Approach (SMBA) to provide entrepreneurs with three bundled services: leveraged co-financing, technology access and knowledge, and business development support. Philanthropic and development capital are leveraged to mitigate risks and encourage local financial institutions to lend to traditionally "unbankable" entrepreneurs. By tailoring the approach to local conditions and markets, S3IDF enables the poor access to employment, asset-creation and ownership opportunities, as well as to basic services. S3IDF's diverse project portfolio includes solar, biomass and biogas, water, and other technologies for small-scale industries.

Area of Focus

Inclusive Market Systems
Transforming markets through innovative partnerships and financing structures creates new private sector business opportunities and improvements in income, employment, and access to basic services for poor and disadvantaged communities. We apply a systems-level approach to assess both the supply and demand sides of the market to ensure financially viable and sustainable investment and project outcomes.

Training and Capacity Building
We increase the knowledge and capacity of public and private entities to implement inclusive business models and development strategies that leverage resources and mitigate risk. S3IDF offers tailored training and capacity building services to meet the needs of governments, donors and funders, practitioners, financial institutions, and technology and service companies interested in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their programs as well as in expanding business and investment opportunities into currently poor and disadvantaged markets.

Small-Scale Infrastructure and Clean Energy Applications
S3IDF promotes the small-scale provision of infrastructure services – energy, water, sanitation, communications, transport – through replicable enterprise-based delivery models to benefit poor and disadvantaged communities. Our expertise centers on clean and renewable energy, primarily photovoltaics, solar thermal, biomass and wood fuels, wind power, small-scale hydropower, and biogas and LPG as well as on energy and resource efficiency.

Areas of Expertise

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