Sloan Entrepreneurs for International Development (SEID)

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MIT Sloan strives to create leaders in the world, for the world. There is nowhere more apparent than in the realm of international development. We have engineers, entrepreneurs, consultants, development experts, professors and investors all striving to create an ecosystem that promotes international development.

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Organization Mission

The Sloan Entrepreneurs for International Development (SEID) is a student-led organization that shares this vision. We are a group of over 130 students who seek to drive sustainable global development through entrepreneurship, by fostering productive collaborations between students and new ventures in emerging markets and by raising awareness of current challenges and success models.

Area of Focus

Sloan Entrepreneurs for International Development (SEID) is the intersection of international development and entrepreneurship at MIT Sloan. We host action learning projects with entrepreneurs worldwide, provide career support for MBAs, and gather academic and extracurricular resources for international development.