SecondMuse is an innovation and collaboration agency. We co-create prosperity by applying the art and science of collaboration to solve complex problems. We believe that the key to human prosperity is the convergence of diverse thinking and coordinated action to solve really tough challenges. We create and facilitate this process. Our team builds capacity in people to think about challenges in different ways and to create alternative solutions. We facilitate this ongoing process using the principles of design thinking, systems dynamics, curated collaboration and open innovation, creating opportunities for change across organizations and industries.

With a team based in North America, Europe, Central America and Australia we support 300 clients and partners including Fortune 500 companies, national and local governments, multilateral organizations and nonprofits.SecondMuse has become internationally known for delivering cutting-edge innovations, partnerships and solutions. Our work has been highlighted by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, the White House and won The World Bank 2011 Sustainable Development project  of the year.

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Open Innovation, Strategic Innovation, Systems Dynamics, Process Design, Multistakeholder Partnerships, Valuation, Mass Collaboration, Incubation

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