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Peace Foundation

Peace Foundation is a non profit organization  working for women and children human rights in rural desert areas of Sindh province Pakistan since 2010. Peace Foundation focuses sexual and reproductive rights of women and young people. We are working with national and international organization to promote reproductive rights with different approaches.  Peace Foundation is working to prevent early married children through awareness and services . As because of several reasons, unsafe abortion rate is increasing in rural communities, we work to reduce risks of loosing lives of women and girls through telephone hotline, social media, free counseling centers, capacity building of local organization and service providers and organizing free mobile reproductive health camps. We provide family planning services through our franchises in five places in Sindh. We receive warmth responses from females for counseling and services for family planning.
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Our Activities:
Mobile phone help line for accurate information for medical abortion We use mobile phone as a source of medical support unit, particularly for women. Through our mhealth system, women receive update about reproductive health and medical abortion through SMS in local languages. We also include pictorial text messages to illustrate process of medical abortion. Counselling will be done through hotlines to women and young girls seeking abortion services.
Information dissemination meetings:
 Peace Foundation conducts information dissemination meetings project area with lady health workers, midwives and nurses  to provide information about medical abortion.
Using social media to spread  information and knowledge  on safe abortion:
 Peace Foundation will develop materials for abortion seekers, health service providers and women rights activities on Face book, Twitter, and other social media outlets to  provide information to women in Sindh province  throughout project tenure.
mHealth intervention for medical abortion:
  mHealth text-messaging program(using Frontline SMS software) provides supplementary information to women calling the Peace Foundation hotline via SMS to women in Sindh province seeking information about medical abortion, side-effects, where to seek post-abortion care
Sexual Health Education program 
The young couples project focuses on sexual and reproductive  health  in adolescents, where they are treated not merely as beneficiaries,  but as active participants in the change process. The work started at the village level, formal and informal meetings were organized with the village leaders,
 parents, general community and groups of young people (married and unmarried).
Mother and Child health Care Project:
Raising awareness of the benefits of delaying marriage for girls: Ongoing advocacy efforts, such as community level events, were made to keep stakeholders, especially religious and opinion leaders, informed about the effect of early marriage and early pregnancy. Inviting them to attend or preside over major events helped generate and strengthen involvement and positive attitudes towards youth sexual and reproductive health activities.


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Peace Foundation Pakistan
House No. 89-B Ghulshan Murtaza , Umerkot Road Mirpurkhas Pakistan
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Organization Mission

 Strive to bring about gender equality in all matters of life.  Through promoting social activism and advocacy for promotion sexual and reproductive rights. 

Area of Focus

. Our main areas of works:.
Sexual and reproductive health services and advocacy
Educational Development and Awareness
Disasters Responses in Emergencies
Gender and Women Empowerment
Civil Society Strengthening & Good Governance
Need based livelihood Program Interventions

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