pAge Drinking Paper

pAge Drinking Paper

A motivating factor for this antibacterial paper project was the hope that it could one day help improve people’s health by providing clean drinking water. Clean water can transform the lives of millions in crucial areas such as health, child development, quality of life, and ultimately the eradication of poverty. One of our goals is to create innovative and affordable technologies using this cool nanotech paper to reduce health problems in developing countries.  Our long-term goals include bringing this technology to anyone and everyone who would need it. We are actively involved in the research, development, and dissemination of silver paper filters, aka pAge Drinking Paper.

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576 Celeron Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15221

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Area of Focus

1) Silver nanoparticle paper filter technology development.
2) Technology scale-up to paper machine mass production.
3) NGO partnerships for field trials and implementation.

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