Updated Feb 02, 2018

Onuronon  Innovation Support--non financial


About Onuronon

Together towards tomorrow is the main motto of Onuronon. We can achieve more when work, think and act together than alone. Onuronon a learning and leadership institute, works to enables interdependent leadership — developing leadership within and across systems to advance the greater good. Developing the capacity of youths, who are the key human resources and future of the country helps to contribute towards sustaining development.
Lives Impacted
Innovation Support--non financial
Where We Work
Asia and Pacific
Focus Areas
Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance
Humanitarian Assistance
Digital Development
Human Centered Design
Talent Management

Connected Innovations

FOCUS AREASEducation, Higher Education, Methods & Learning and 4 More
IMPLEMENTED INPanama, Ecuador, Venezuela, Uruguay, Peru, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Cuba, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Bolivia, Belize and Argentina
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