NYU College of Nursing

NYU College of Nursing

At NYU College of Nursing, we generate knowledge through research in nursing, health, and interdisciplinary science; we educate leaders in nursing to advance healthcare locally and globally; we provide innovative and exemplary healthcare; and we shape the future of nursing through leadership in healthcare policy.

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NYU College of Nursing 
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At NYU College of Nursing (NYUCN), we are committed to producing lifelong learners who will excel in their nursing careers and be recognized as leaders who keep the health and welfare of society at the forefront of their values about providing patient-centered care.

Founded in 1932, NYUCN reflects the intellectual curiosity, dynamism, and quality characteristic of NYU. In 1947, Nursing at NYU was established as a separate Department in the Steinhardt School of Education (SSOE). By 1954, under the leadership of Martha E. Rogers, Chair of the Department of Nursing, it became one of the first universities to treat nursing as a science. In 1967, it became a Division of Nursing at SSOE and Rogers became Division Head.  Following Dr. Rogers, three others held the title of division head (Erline McGriff, Patricia Winstead-Fry and Diane O. McGivern). In 2002, Terry Fulmer became Division Head and under her leadership, and, in collaboration with the Dean of the College of Dentistry, the Division of Nursing became a College of Nursing at the NYU College of Dentistry (NYUCD) in 2005. Dean Terry Fulmer stepped down as Dean in 2011. In July 2012, the College of Nursing welcomed Dr. Eileen M. Sullivan-Marx as its new Dean.

Our world-class nursing programs (BS, MS, DNP, and PhD) provide the educational foundation to prepare the next generation of nursing leaders. NYUCN’s graduates are leading the way into a new era of nursing, where playing a leadership role in achieving excellent patient outcomes and a healthier global society are priorities. NYUCN’s overall mission is consistent with high-quality innovations for the nursing profession. Faculty pride themselves on living their mission and values. 

The College is currently ranked 3rd in research funding from the National Institute of Health (NIH), thanks to the strength of our research mission and our highly credentialed and published research and clinical faculty members. At NYUCN, teaching and research work hand-in-hand to provide students with a dynamic environment that promotes learning and professional development.