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Nuru International

Our vision is to create a world where every person has the ability to make meaningful choices to improve his or her life in a lasting way. Our mission is to end extreme poverty in remote, rural areas.

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Organization Mission

Ending extreme poverty is more than addressing a lack of money or material resources–it’s about creating an enabling environment where people have the ability to make meaningful choices.

Choice is powerful and opens the door to hope, opportunity, change and a better future. Our mission is to create an enabling environment where people have the ability make meaningful choices on their own—not to create an environment where choices are made for them.

Area of Focus

Our ultimate goal is to promote global security by ending extreme poverty in remote, rural areas of failed states and conflict zones by building self-sustaining, self-scaling programs that enable communities across an entire region to lift themselves out of extreme poverty within seven years.

Selecting Kenya and Ethiopia as our initial project sites has allowed us to test the Nuru Model in two relatively politically stable countries while still working in communities demonstrating extreme need.In five years, Nuru International has grown to become a $7M organization with a team of 250 in Kenya, 30 in Ethiopia, and 35 in or from the United States. In Kenya, the Nuru Model has already empowered over 35,000 people out of extreme poverty and built a for-profit social enterprise that is rapidly approaching profitability.

Our next step is to scale to regions with increased volatility. Once the Nuru Model has fully achieved proof of concept, we will aggressively scale our platform for effective nation building to the toughest places on earth.

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