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Good doing company that provides comprehensive urban water efficiency solutions.

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46A. Avenue J.F Kennedy.
L-1855 Luxembourg

T : +352 42 71 71 3247 +972-3-777-9800
E : info@miya-water.com

Organization Mission

Miya's vision is to ensure an abundance of fresh water.

To achieve its vision, Miya optimizes water supply in urban water systems worldwide. It partners with local water utilities to improve the efficiency of water networks to reduce both physical & commercial losses. Reducing water losses not only provides potable water to more people, these projects have proven to greatly improve the financial situation of both municipalities and utilities, alleviate many water-related environmental issues, save energy and reduce contamination risks.

Miya approaches its vision and mission using a holistic approach, informed by the values of leadership, moral responsibility, excellence, innovation, partnership and purity.