Maternova Inc.

Maternova Inc.

Maternova accelerates the speed at which life-saving innovations for reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health are distributed to those who need them most.  We know that frontline health care organizations are busy providing clinical care--we make it easy for them to learn about and access the newest technologies designed for and tested in low resource settings.

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460 Harris Ave Suite 201
Providence RI

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Organization Mission

We know from years of experience that frontline organizations need a trusted source for innovation.  How do they know when a product is available?  How can they be sure their payment will result in a product being delivered to them in the field?  How do they know they can trust the product and that others have evaluated it in similar settings?

Likewise, innovators who have exciting new products don't know how to readily find customers.  We know which organizations are likely to deploy new technologies and be interested in the RMNCH space.

Maternova is building the first trusted e-commerce platform for innovations in maternal and newborn health.  We know that complementary products should be marketed, distributed, sold and shipped together in packages that make sense for the end user.  

Area of Focus

Reproductive health
Maternal health
women's health
Neonatal Health

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Give business planning and strategy advice