Updated Jul 09, 2020

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What Macenta Offers: Digital Learning Solutions - digital libraries, gamified online learning platforms, and more. Teacher Training - team of experienced trainers offer customized teacher training and professional development workshops based on institutional needs. Coaching Services - coaching for teachers in leadership roles, or working towards a leadership role. Curriculum Consultancy - experienced consultants can support you in integrating your curriculum, digital tools and teacher training needs to maximize learner success. Print materials - a range of print materials to meet the needs of your institution. Customized Material Development - our DEPP team produces customized practice materials that suit your curriculum course books and pacing,
At Macenta, our aim is to be a solutions partner for institutions, teachers, students and parents. We want to know what your school needs, how you market yourselves, what your curriculum is, and your educational philosophy. When we know these things, we are committed to providing your school with the right learning materials to support your learners, your teachers and your vision.
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