Updated Mar 01, 2018

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About Life Magnetics, Inc.

Life Magnetics, Inc. offers products for magnetic seperation and magnetic sensing of biological targets. Biological samples are a complex mixture of compounds which are made of similar chemical elements. Seperating those compounds for analysis is the first step to identifying new disease markers in the life sciences and identifying diseases in clinical diagnostics. Nanosized magnetic beads can be used to bind target molecules and pull them out of solution and this is what is typically done in hospital blood pathology labs. This works because magnetic fields are transparent to biological materials. However, this property can be leveraged to do more. Research groups have shown that because magnetic signals are not distorted by biological materials or solvents, magnetic detection has fundementally lower detection limits and less sensitivity to sample preperation conditions than optical or electronic methods. Life Magnetics, Inc. has patents on a a new kind of magnetic seperation bead made of metallic glass, which has a magnetic susceptibility 100x higher than traditional iron oxide/polymer beads. This allows our beads to be used for both seperation and also detection. The companies goal is to use it's new magnetic materials and magnetic circuit technology to simplify existing medical devices. The company also offers ferrofluids and magnetic beads/polymer composites for use in electronic devices.
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