Updated Jun 28, 2018

LGTmedical  Social Enterprise


About LGTmedical

LGTmedical has leveraged the synergies of award-winning interdisciplinary research, global foundations, and business expertise to establish the innovative core technologies, infrastructure, and partnerships and become a leading mHealth company. LGTmedical is focused on product and channel development to achieve the most scalable and clinically impactful mobile health solutions. The company is ISO 13485:2003 certified.

LGTmedical was founded in March 2012 and has offices in Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia.  The company’s initial product, the Phone Oximeter™, is commercially known as Kenek O2.

The company’s goal is to meet the enormous global need for accurate, accessible and, most importantly, affordable medical diagnostics and vital signs monitoring. The company’s aim is to have significant impact on reducing global health inequities and will accomplish this through innovative technological advancements in mHealth and an innovative business approach blending societal and financial values to create a sustainable and profitable Socially Driven Business.  
Social Enterprise
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