We connect simple technology with last mile communities to reduce poverty.

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  • Social Enterprise
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  • Non-governmental organization (NGO)


Yayasan Kopernik HQ
Jalan Raya Pengosekan 
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

E : kopernik@kopernik.ngo

Organization Mission

Our co-founders, Toshi Nakamura and Ewa Wojkowska, saw that affordable technologies like solar lights, water filters and clean cookstoves existed, but they weren’t reaching the last mile. They wanted to bridge the gap. They left a decade of service with the United Nations to launch Kopernik in 2010.

How it works

We balance a philanthropic and business approach to distributing technology. Our donors fund the upfront costs of introducing technologies and creating micro-business opportunities in remote communities. The money raised from product sales is reinvested in more technology for the last mile.

What does Kopernik mean?

Our namesake, Nicolaus Copernicus, changed the way people see the world. Like Copernicus, we want Kopernik to be a catalyst for change.

Our status

Kopernik Group has four legal entities, which each play a distinct role in realising Kopernik Group's overall mission to reduce poverty through the distribution of simple technology to the last mile. Learn more about the role of each of these entities on our Legal Status page.

Areas of Expertise

Test an innovation and provide feedback


JANMA Clean Birth Kit

JANMA Clean Birth Kit

JANMA is a low cost, high quality clean birth kit for use in facility-based settings.  The kit...