At Kingo, our mission is to turn lives ON! and our vision is an electrified world where everyone has access to the type of safe, clean and low cost energy they can afford and feel confident using.  In communities without an electricity grid, Kingo provides a sustainable prepaid solar energy service that is cheaper, safer and cleaner than candles or kerosene, without any financial risks, barriers or worry for the customer.  


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Via 6 3-56, Edificio OEG Nivel 1 
Zona 4, Ciudad de Guatemala
Guatemala, Guatemala

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Organization Mission

Our mission is to turn lives ON! By providing affordable prepaid solar energy, Kingo powers rural communities for the 1.3 billion people without access to electricity worldwide.

Area of Focus

Kingo’s technological innovation solves the problem of affordable and worry-free access to safe, sustainable and efficient energy. By being prepaid, Kingo’s service enables customers to buy what they need and can afford, when they want it. This allows them to replace candles, kerosene, and diesel with much better energy, without any added financial risks. To-date Kingo has reached 6900 customers, impacting the lives of 35,000 people. Its benefits include valuable monthly savings, increased productivity, longer study time, better educational performance, a safer home environment, increased connectivity and business opportunities.  Furthermore, Kingo’s service supports the environment by replacing non-renewable energy sources.

Kingo has grown 600% in 2015 since its massive rollout in January. Current growth expectations will leave Kingo with 20,000 customers by the end of 2015 in our current operating countries, Guatemala and South Africa.


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