Jogiv Eco-Services Private Limited

Jogiv Eco-Services Private Limited

Our vision is to develop and deploy innovative social solutions using technologies to build a socially cleaner environment.

Innovating on concept, solutions and delivery methodologies to address the problems networked with basic needs of rural and emerging urban India translating to build clean city.

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Jogiv Eco-Services Private Limited
91, KSRTC Layout,
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Karnataka, India

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Organization Mission

Jogiv Eco-Services Pvt Ltd., is a for profit social enterprise addressing the growing E-waste menace in India using innovative, out-of-the-box technological and sustainable solutions resulting in impact on environment and human health through social campaigns.

E-waste has become an emerging problem and recycling is the key to reduce the E-waste. It has environmental benefits at every stage in the life cycle of a electronic product. Aside from reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to global warming, recycling also reduces air and water pollution.

Jogiv's innovative campaign will define the E-Waste collection mechanism for eco-efficient recycling.

Area of Focus

India is facing a serious threat from E-waste streams which can impact environment and human health if not managed properly. India is 5th largest producer of E-Waste in the world and generated to an extent of 1.7 MT in 2015 from 1.25 MT in 2014 with CAGR of 25%. 

Our online / offline collection mechanism of E-Waste will create awareness, source and transport them to partnered registered ethical recyclers and stop the E-Waste from dumping it to landfill thus saving the under water table from mixing up with toxic elements to create adverse effects on the population’s health.

Research reveals that hardly around 7-8% of electronic gadgets are being ethically disposed in India. It is also important to note that majority of people who have junked their gadgets at home are willing to dispose but are not aware of disposing means at their ease and convenience. 

The results from a study conducted among our friends & relatives across age groups agreed to the importance of recycling E-Waste, while they also expressed the absence of appropriate avenues to dispose. With India becoming increasingly tech savvy, E-Waste disposal is key. 

JoGiv's innovative mobile app "ECOLEKT" will define the supply chain for Ewaste collection by creating campaigns, source & collect Ewaste in major cities and transport them to partnered, registered, Govt. recognised ethical recyclers to reduce environmental hazards. The supply chain for E-Waste will help the recyclers to focus on their primary business of recycling than investing time & money on sourcing, managing logistics and administration for acquisition of E-Waste. 

The E-waste app will network with givers/donors, go green volunteers, thus helping them to exchange loyalty reward points against giving of E-Waste. Our earnings from recyclers will be shared with givers/donors, volunteers who host the collection campaigns in terms of reward points which can be redeemed against gift vouchers from reputed online/offline retail companies.  The app features easy interface, embedding features like Did you know on E-waste, locations of existing e-waste recycling bins, E-Waste pick up scheduler, share with friends and social media to donate the electronic gadgets with GPS features in future to track and communicate with givers/donors.

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