Updated May 22, 2018

Intellisoft Plus  Consulting/Services Entity


About Intellisoft Plus

Ever since we were founded, we have always believed in catalyzing the transformation and growth of Africa. Since 2009, the year we were founded, we have remained committed to sparking the transformation and growth of Africa.

Needs Assesment

To provide solutions that are in tune with your business needs and that solve your current business problems, our team will use their expertise and experience to build solutions that not only eradicate the problems your business face but also assist you to develop systems that will enable you to proficiently serve your customers

Deployment Roadmap


After analysing the business problem, we design the solution to your needs, this can be through choosing products that will work for you or by building custom applications that are tailor made specifically for your organisation. We also conduct Change Management Analysis whereby we come up with a roadmap on how to educate employees, train them on the new systems, develop systems to solve any challenges that will arise during the move from the old system to the new system

Migration & Training

In certain situations, we will have to move documents, emails and information from old systems to new systems, in conjunction with you, we build systems to migrate this data completely and safely and in its entirety
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Consulting/Services Entity
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