Updated May 30, 2018

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About Instiglio

Who We Are:

Instiglio is a leading non-profit consultancy that advises governments, funders, and service providers in low and middle-income countries on Results-Based Financing (RBF) strategies and performance management systems to catalyze social impact in international development. By tying the funding of social services to results, RBF creates greater accountability, aligns incentives for more cost-effective programs, and encourages learning and flexibility to adapt programs to the complex nature of social problems. Instiglio has worked with governments and development practitioners to structure over USD$300 million into cutting-edge RBF instruments, improving outcomes across sectors such as education, workforce development, and institutional strengthening. With the launch of the world's first Development Impact Bond (DIB) and the first Social Impact Bond (SIB) in a developing country, Instiglio is furthering the technical know-how, evidence, and best practices in the field of RBF; actively engaging multi-stakeholders to increase the impact of their limited resources.

What We Offer:

With the aim of getting more “things right” in the design and implementation of Results-Based Financing (RBF), Instiglio will be launching an RBF Practitioner Guidebook during this event. The guidebook addresses a crucial knowledge gap in the space, as it is the first concrete guidance for service providers in developing countries interested in entering RBF agreements. The guidebook aims to provide practitioners (from implementing organizations to funders and investors) with an understanding of where to apply RBF, how to build capabilities to successfully implement RBF and leverage the benefits it offers, as well as a step-by-step technical guidance on how to assess the implications of the design of an RBF agreement. In addition, Instiglio provides trainings and advisory services on RBF strategies and performance management systems that catalyze impact in international development.
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