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Healthyrankings is a Bangalore, India based healthcare digital marketing agency that was incorporated in the autumn of 2015 to help clinics, hospitals, doctors and dentists with advanced digital marketing solutions. The medical website design, medical SEO services (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) firm is run by a close-knit team of healthcare web development and medical SEO experts. The team at Healthyrankings is headed by some of the most dynamic search marketing professionals in Bangalore.

Healthyrankings primarily offers three services for optimizing the web presence of clinics, hospitals, doctors and dentists. We are a hospital digital marketing agency offering medical website design, healthcare SEO and SEM, medical social media marketing and hospital PPC services for broad-spectrum growth of clinics, hospitals and dentists.

Healthyrankings Healthcare SEO and SEM Services

Healthyrankings  offers a full range of healthcare SEO solutions that include hospital SEO keyword research (search trend analysis), hospital competitor analysis, healthcare online listings, healthcare content development and medical content marketing, healthcare online directory submission, medical local SEO, Google Maps integration on hospital websites, healthcare search marketing, healthcare online advertisement, just to name a few. The SEO experts working with us have years of experience in healthcare SEO.

Healthyrankings Medical Social Media Marketing

Healthyrankings experts live and breathe social media. We use a variety of social media aggregation tools and techniques to evaluate and compare the social media presence of different healthcare brands. Our experts know that social media is a highly impactful medium for spreading words of promotion, raising awareness and for escalating the interaction level among target consumers. For this reason only, our healthcare social media marketing and healthcare social media optimization services include Facebook marketing for hospitals, Twitter account management for clinics and a number of other related services.

Healthyrankings Healthcare PPC Management Services

PPC or Pay per Click is the cost-effective way to climb up the search rankings ladder within a short time span. If your healthcare centre or hospital is relatively new in the current healthcare market in your country, our healthcare PPC campaign management experts can devise a failsafe healthcare PPC management strategy. This way, the marketing budget of your healthcare centre can be wisely spent in PPC or healthcare paid search listings. Our PPC management pros know the tips and tricks to control and manage the online advertising budget for the healthcare centres we work for.

Healthyrankings offers complete digital marketing solutions to hospitals, clinics, doctors and dentists around the world. The company is nestled in Bangalore, the IT capital of India.  

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Our core area of focus is on healthcare web development, healthcare web designing, healthcare reputation management, healthcare conversion rate optimization, healthcare web development, healthcare online presence analysis, healthcare mobile marketing and healthcare email marketing services.
SEO, SEM and PPC Management Services for Healthcare Service Providers

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