Global Good

Global Good

Millions of people suffer and die each year in developing countries from causes that humanity has the scientific and technical ability to solve. Global Good is a collaborative effort between Bill Gates and Intellectual Ventures to tackle some of humanity’s toughest problems through the power of invention. The effort combines IV’s unique invention prowess with the expertise of government, NGO, scientific, and commercial partners around the world. Together, we conceive, develop, and deploy inventions that save lives.

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Global Good Fund
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Organization Mission

Global Good aims to tackle some of humanity’s toughest problems through invention.

The Problem
Innovation is weakest for the world’s poorest markets where the potential return on investment doesn’t offset the costly, high-risk R&D needed to tackle life-threatening problems there. As a result, the abundance of technology invented for the world’s wealthiest markets often isn’t applicable or affordable in developing countries. Global Good takes a different approach.

Targeted Invention
We work with partners like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to thoroughly understand and invent solutions to challenges in developing countries.

Minimized Technology and Market Risk
Because Global Good is driven by impact rather than profit, we invest our own funds in the early-stage, high-risk R&D that often prevents companies from inventing for the world’s poor. This work is supported by the expertise of Intellectual Ventures Laboratory.

Sustainable Commercial Models
We don’t profit from use of our inventions in developing countries. Instead, we license our technology to commercial partners and work with them to create sustainable business models that ensure the technology is affordable, accessible, and commercially viable in those countries.

Area of Focus


  • Diagnostics / Analyte Detection and Monitoring
  • Vaccine Logistics
  • Therapeutics
  • Disease Modeling
  • Communication and Decision Support
  • Vector Management


  • Food Safety
  • Productivity
  • Vector Control
  • Nutrition


  • Water
  • Power
  • Communications