Global Development Network

Global Development Network

Global Development Network (GDN) is a public International Organization that builds research capacity in development globally. Founded in 1999, GDN is headquartered in New Delhi, with an office in Washington DC. 

GDN’s vision is to:

support researchers in developing and transition countries to generate and share high quality applied social science research to inform policymaking and advance social and economic development.

GDN’s mission is to be:

A Global Network that empowers researchers in developing countries, strengthens research skills, and mobilizes research for public policy.- See more at:

At a Glance

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  • International non-governmental organization (INGO)


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Organization Mission

GDN’s core business is building research capacity. It does this through:

Supporting the research capacity of social scientists in developing countries, and connecting them as a cadre of global leaders in development research.
Fostering new ways of producing, structuring and mobilizing development knowledge in key research areas.
Interconnecting researchers, knowledge, expertise and resources in support of development research capacity in the Global South.

GDN works in collaboration with 11 Regional Network Partners, international donor organizations and governments, research institutes, academic institutions, think tanks and more than 12,500 individual researchers worldwide.

Most of the problems that developing and transition societies face are complex. Yet they are increasingly addressable through scientific pursuit. Many, if not all, necessitate new ways of producing, structuring and mobilizing knowledge through open, collaborative, multidisciplinary, and global research collaboration(s).

GDN believes that significant contributions to development can be made by:

Supporting the capacity development of economists and social scientists in developing and transition countries;
Connecting them as a cadre of specialists across the developing world; and
Ensuring that the cadre becomes self-sustainable.

GDN’s Global Research Capacity Building Program™ helps social scientists in developing and transition countries develop a mix of skills and knowledge required to become high-performing researchers. This capacity development is a learning and experiential process that progressively builds the aptitude of Southern researchers to become key players in the emerging global research environment, by effectively undertaking and communicating high quality and policy-relevant research in a globally interconnected way.

Through this program, GDN provides:

Both short-term financial support to successful applicants, as well as long-term support to the best researchers;
Intellectual support by means of academic mentoring and privileged access to knowledge services; and
Inspiration and moral support by participating in global scholarly networking venues and lifelong membership, in the largest and most active global network of researchers and research institutes in development.

Area of Focus

Each year, the competition focuses on diverse research themes which originate from the policy research priority areas defined by GDN's Global Research Agenda and are in-line with GDN's future Global Research Projects (GRPs). The nature of the research themes are such that they encourage collaboration amongst researchers and are of relevance to more than one region. The current round of the GRC invited applications on the following three themes:

Inclusive and Sustainable Growth
Food Security
Political, Economic and Social Transformations

Research Activities

Research projects involve, but are not limited to, the following types of research activities:

Applied research
Case studies
Comparative studies
Critical analyses of existing research- See more at:

Areas of Expertise

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