GGV (Gray Ghost Ventures)

GGV (Gray Ghost Ventures)

Gray Ghost Ventures is a pioneer of the global impact investing movement and continues to be innovative in furthering its expansion.  As one of the earliest private investors in microfinance, GGV seeks to eliminate poverty and strengthen communities through catalytic, early-stage investments in the developing world by focusing on enabling technology, financial services, and other products and services concentrated on enhancing the quality of life for large, underserved populations in emerging markets.

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Gray Ghost Ventures
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Organization Mission

To invest collaboratively in innovative, early-stage enterprises that contribute to the well-being of low-income communities in emerging markets and provide an attractive financial return.

Area of Focus

Gray Ghost Ventures (GGV) is an impact investing firm dedicated to providing market-based solutions to entrepreneurs who are addressing the needs of low-income communities in emerging markets. GGV focuses on serving these low-income communities in developing nations through for-profit investment in operating companies, ecosystem development and capacity building.

Investing for Impact
The reality that true, meaningful investment is more than financial is a driving principle behind the multitude of investments made at Gray Ghost Ventures. "Impact Investing" pairs financial returns with positive social impact, investing catalytic capital in innovations that have an impact on unserved communities. By investing in early-stage businesses that seek scale and replicability while embedding social impact in their business plans, Gray Ghost has improved the quality of life for millions in low-income communities in developing countries. We operate under the belief that financial success comes from the ability to impact the lives of many, which is why we have committed an excess of $125 million USD to investments in a range of businesses that seek to alleviate poverty, provide affordable education, promote human rights and even aim to improve the environment. As a pioneer in the "Impact Investing" sector, Gray Ghost Ventures has helped such a valuable movement continue to gain momentum.

Impact Ventures
Gray Ghost Ventures invests in early-stage enterprises providing catalytic innovation and leapfrogging technologies in the developing world. The current investments are predominantly focused on the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) and Clean Tech sectors, especially the new application of proven technologies. Key to any investment is the improvement of the lives of people whom traditional commercial products, services and technologies have ignored. The goal is to create demonstrable social impact, while generating sustainable long-term financial returns.

Indian School Finance Company (ISFC)
In many emerging market countries, affordable private schools (APS) are thriving in low-income communities. Charging as little as $5 per month, APS are accessible to low-income populations and provide a considerably higher quality of education than government schools. While APS tend to expand with time, growth has been slow, fueled only by the reinvestment of school profits. Gray Ghost Ventures (GGV) has identified financing as one of the key barriers to the growth of the APS sector globally.


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