Updated May 17, 2018

Foundation for Information Technology Education and Develop, Inc. (FIT-ED)  Implementer


About Foundation for Information Technology Education and Develop, Inc. (FIT-ED)

The Foundation for Information Technology Education and Development is a private, non-profit organization established in 1997 and based in Quezon City, Philippines.
We seek to help people and communities to harness information and communication technologies (ICTs) for learning. We believe that learning is the key to human development, and that ICTs - both old (telephones, radio, television) and new (computers, the Internet, wireless technologies) – can enable learning in powerful and economically and socially meaningful ways. We are committed to developing, testing, and replicating appropriate, effective, and sustainable models and methodologies of ICT use for improving educational outcomes, broadening access to education, and fostering cultural understanding.
In keeping with our mission, our work is focused on three areas: Education Transformation, Education for All, Culture and Identity. Cutting across these three focus areas is our Research and Policy Advocacy program.
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Asia and Pacific
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