Updated Nov 29, 2017

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About EdelGive Foundation

EdelGive Foundation (EG) is the strategic philanthropic arm of the Edelweiss Group and has two focus areas - Education and Livelihoods. Currently it supports about 18 organizations across the country that work on a variety of issues within these focus areas. It has a venture philanthropy approach in that it provides a great deal of non financial support and is committed in the growth of its investees. Typically over a three to five year period, apart from disbursing grants, EG supports various capacity building initiatives - be they around organizational development, impact measurement and technological improvements- many of which are led and completed by Edelweiss employee volunteers. Moreover, while building EG's investees' abilities to strengthen and grow impact, EG also introduces them to other foundations. Their approach to education goes beyond access and they have invested in those organizations which are working to deliver better curriculum and better learning. Their investments in the education sector look at the impact on children's learning competencies, shifts in their attitudes and aspirations while focusing on the link between education and employability. The organizations EG supports have been through a very intensive due diligence process and have dynamic, inspiring leaders. The EG Education portfolio includes an organization that works with tribal children in Mokhada block, Thane, a residential school devoted to educating boys from the extremely marginalized Musahar ("rat-catchers") community in Bihar, and a small innovative organization outside Madurai that educates children facing extreme caste-based discrimination to a Mumbai based night school initiative. There are also organizations in West Bengal, Rajasthan and Karnataka, as well as several Mumbai-based investees. Broadly, EdelGive investees use two approaches to improve the learning outcomes at schools: They focus on leadership and teacher training via strong in-school transformation models They combine the best of both worlds i.e. public–private partnerships wherein high quality programmes are conducted with existing government infrastructure They have invested in organizations that have been instrumental in changing the attitudes of communities towards education by: Reintegrating out-of-school youth with skills and employability training via innovative models Supplementing education with life-skills programmes to enhance learning outcomes Reducing drop out rates They have also invested in organizations which are working on reducing dropout rates by: Innovating in curriculum, pedagogy, teaching methodology, teacher motivation and assessment Focusing on advocacy to improve governance, management and quality in government schools Their investments in nonprofits, which are selected after an intensive due diligence process, are in the form of financial support and, more importantly, capacity building support. They work closely with our investees on the organisational development challenges they face. While doing so, they also utilize the expertise and skills of Edelweiss middle to senior management who work with our investees in the areas of strategic planning, financial sustainability, human resources and creating technological solutions.